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Why Carnation Footcare

You Might Be Wondering, Why Should You Use Our Products?

  • Our products prices are modest and catered to the masses
  • We are focused to not only help you with their Footcare Problems, we care about you as a person too.
  • All of our products are Health Science Authority (HSA) approved.
  • Carnation Footcare Products are developed by long established Footcare Specialists and Podiatrists.
  • Carnation Footcare has over 90 years of experience in research and development as well as manufacturing experience of Footcare Products
  • The products are effective and High Customer Satisfaction.


Here's a few of our Testimonials: 


Mitsukei, Lifestyle Blogger (

"Now this is my holy grail when it comes to breaking in my new shoes!"

Believe it or not but it was my first time using an Anti-Blister Stick! I had always dismissed the idea of using it previously as I didn’t believe it would work – until I tried it out myself!

It is very easy to use, just apply it all over the blister prone areas of your feet especially the side and back of your feet as this will also prevent your feet from chafing against the shoe! The stick is also pretty small so it makes it convenient to carry around in your bag.

I could really feel the difference when I easily slipped my feet into my shoes later on. If you don’t believe me, go try it!


Maureen Kong, Youtuber/Blogger (

"Super Deo Insoles saved me from my embarrassing life because of my feet!"

I work in an office and I love to wear flats without the socks, but my feet sweats after too long and my feet and flats stink. It is really bad when I take my foot out of my shoes and when I go to shoe shopping it is a disaster and it is really embarrassing.

The Super Deo Insoles work! I am really pleased with them and I'm just really happy because it is honestly a problem I have been struggling with ever since I've been wearing flats to work.  


Kelynn Nai, Parenting & Lifestyle Blogger (

"The creams absorb into the surface of my skin so fast without leaving it oily! The price of 1 full set is really affordable and totally worth the money too."

During my trip to Bangkok, I went for a Foot Spa but instead of getting a smooth, clean pair of feet, they instead became extremely dry, itchy, reddish and peels constantly, it gave me so much trouble and leaving me poorer at the same time.

As my feet was really hurt and damaged, I was desperate and needed help!

I am so lucky that i saw Carnation Footcare's post of the 3 Step System on my Facebook newsfeed and that I recovered by using their products.

Check out the before and after pictures here.

Interested To Distribute/Sell Carnation Footcare Products To Your Customers in South East Asia?

As Exclusive Distributor and Brand Caretaker in South East Asia, we would love to make Carnation Footcare products easily accessible to all.

We are looking for partners who are serious in growing the Carnation Footcare brand with us and our ultimate goal is to establish exclusive distributorship with Wholesale and Retail partners in all South East Asia countries by 2020.

If you would like to discuss business or distribution opportunities with us, please email us at


[ 5 Reasons To Work With Us & Carnation Footcare ]

1. Little To No Competition In the Footcare Industry

For many developing countries and markets, there are little to no one that will compete with you, so if you are able to secure the sales channels through our marketing support, you are guaranteed have consistent sales.


2. Good Synergy With Other Personal Care Products

Modest product pricing, specially catered for the masse. 

Most wholesalers or distributors have everything from their head to body.... But not for the feet. Imagine if you can provide this to your Retail Partners and their customers.This will increase your sales per retail partner.


3. Digital Marketing and other Support from Okeanos Trading Company

The best way to create consumer demand in this era. Gone are the days of TV commercials and radio. We spend more time on our mobile and Facebook. However, we also provide traditional marketing such as flyers, contests, giveaways....with a extra twist to make sure that it will help to get us more leads and sales in the future.


4. In-depth Product and Sales Training From Industry Expert

Product Training can be provided to your sales person so they can effectively communicate to your customers on:

  • The technology of the product
  • Benefits of using the product
  • Research/Tests conducted on product
  • How to effectively use the product


5. Established Brand with over 90 years of experience with a wide range of products for your customers

Developed by long established Footcare Specialists and Podiatrists means guaranteed effectiveness and quality of our products


Again, if you would like to discuss business or distribution opportunities with us, please email us at