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Tip Toes Gel Spots


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Quick overview

  • Offers comfortable yet discreet protection and relief where shoes left sore spots on your feet
  • Strong adhesive to stay firmly in place for long lasting comfort
  • Fits easily and discreetly inside fashion footwear
  • Easy to remove and back in your footwear
  • Available in packs of 6 gel spots

Customer Testimonial


Mitsukei, Lifestyle Blogger (

"The Gel Spots are definitely a worthy investment in my opinion!"

The soft but thick cushioning of the gel spots is great and comfortable cushioning for my feet. The best thing is no one will be able to see them.

Definitely need to stock up on them to place in all my shoes!


How Carnation Tip Toes Series' Product Help You

It’s simply wrong to ask women everywhere to compromise their style, so experts at Carnation Footcare have devised a solution for FSS sufferers. 
Carnation Tip Toes series are designed to:
  • Prevent high-heels rubbing, slipping and causing you pain.
  • Allowing you to wear the most fashionable and elegant footwear all day long – throughout staff briefings, lunch meetings and the trek to and from work, as well as a night out in town and parties.
Benefits of using Tip Toes Series
  • Easy to fit  and stays firmly in place - Stick and forget, no extra time is wasted, especially when you are rushing out for an appointment or for work
  • Lightweight, smooth to the touch and causes no skin irritation - You won’t even remember they are there in the first place
  • Your hard earned money is saved - No more hiding those uncomfortable but oh so expensive shoes in the hidden depths of your shoe rack
  • Lifetime of injuries are prevented -  Optimum comfort and cushioning means damages to your feet are prevented
  • You get to be your best self – Show off the sexy, stylish confidence that you always have in every step you take 

What is Tip Toes Series Made Of?

The Tip toes series is made of Polyurethane Gel , a type of polymer gel
Advantages of Polyurethane Gel :
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth to touch
  • Provides optimum comfort and cushioning for the foot
  • Does not cause skin irritation.
  • Reliable, long term shape retention
  • Resists moisture and heat

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