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Silky Heel Hard Skin Remover


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Quick overview

  • Flexible sponge designed for all over foot use.
  • Especially contoured to fit your heel.
  • Unique concave contouring and flexibility achieve maximum coverage of device to skin for improved reduction with less strokes particularly around the heel which is visible in open backed warm weather shoes
  • Silky Heels uses 1000s of tiny quartz sand abrasive particles to gently reduce pathological hard skin
  • Soft and flexible.
  • Floats in water, can be used wet or dry skin.
  • Long Lasting and Easily cleaned.


The Unique Design Of Silky Heels Hard Skin Remover
Silky Heels Hard Skin Remover is an ergonomic, specially contoured (plano-concave), flexible sponge that is covered with an outer surface that comprises 1000’s of tiny quartz sand abrasive particles that through innovative design, gently removes hard skin in just a few strokes.
Its uniquely concave contour on its upper surface that is specifically designed to fit around the convexly shaped heel area of the foot (and any other curved area) while the flat, planar lower surface can be used on larger, less curved areas. The flexible sponge construction enables Silky Heels to conform closely to the foot’s curves offering enhanced contact.
What the Quartz Sand Abrasive Particles?

It is natural mineral abrasive that appears in many forms everywhere on Planet Earth.

Quartz is one of the common minerals that could be found everywhere. Its formula is silicon dioxide or SiO. Pieces of quartz in nature may have different shape and color. Usually it is colorless or white but it may have great variety of colors.

Quartz is tough and inert mineral and has hardness of 7 on the Mohs Scale (A scale of 1 to 10 to compare and order minerals by their main quality – hardness. Based on this characteristics we use it properly as abrasives and polishers). It could be found mostly in light-colored rocks or sandstones

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