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Ingrowing Toenail Protector


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Quick overview

  • Provides instant relief which can be worn to offset pressure from it
  • One size fits all with cushions and protects
  • Podiatrist designed to make sure that all your worries are taken care of
  • Washable and reusable

What are Ingrown Toenails (Onychocryptosis)?

  • Occurs when the nail grows into the flesh instead of over it
  • Usually on the big toe (Nail digging into the “bed” of the toe)
  • Athletes and those with curved or thick nails are most likely to get it
  • Can also occur due to
    ▪ Poorly fitted shoes and improper nail grooming
    ▪ Nail injury such as stubbing or jamming your toe
  • Easily reoccur once there is a first
  • Complications of ingrown toenail
    ▪ Initially minor discomfort but usually progress to infection
    of the skin
    ▪ Abnormal pressure causes redness, pain, swelling and
    clear yellowish drainage or when infected, pus drainage
    ▪ Unable to wear most, or in many cases, any footwear

How can Carnation Ingrowing Toenail Protector help?

  • Common treatments:
    ▪ Usually, sufferers of Ingrown toenail are told to go for surgery.
    ▪ But that can be extremely painful and expensive
    ▪ Not to mention, ingrown toenail can easily reoccur.
  • However, if it is not too serious, you can treat ingrown toenails with selfcare methods to let it grow out smoothly and trim away
  • But In the mean time, protection is needed…
  • Carnation ingrowing toenail protector can:
    ▪ Protect your toes from further impact and worsening the situation
    ▪ Allows you to continue your daily life without worries and pain
    ▪ Helps protecting the toe after surgery too
    ▪ Washable and reusable so it lasts longer than other padding and not smells
  • BONUS BENEFIT – Can be use again to protect your toes for healed for sports related activities even when your toe is healed

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