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Silky Feet Hard Skin Remover


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Quick overview

  • Buffs away hard and jagged skin on the feet.
  • Specially designed, splash proof, lightweight device that fits easily into the hand.
  • Abrasive roller rotates at 40 revolutions a second through 360 degrees.
  • Delivers  the smoothing power of a 300 degree wide angle to the feet.
  • Battery operated (batteries included).
  • Replaceable heads available.

Why choose Silky Feet? 

Silky Feet Hard Skin Remover is for those who  prefer the use of a battery operated device over/or in addition to a manual device such as Corn and Callus Files

What are the unique selling features of Silky Feet?

  • Specially designed, splash proof, lightweight device that is easily operated and fits comfortably into either hand
  • The quartz sand crystal abrasive roller rotates at 40 revolutions a second for effective hard skin removal and is easily cleaned between use under running water
  • Only 2 Batteries needed in order for it to work. Others usually requires 4 batteries.

What the Quartz Sand Crystal on the roller?

It is natural mineral abrasive that appears in many forms everywhere on Planet Earth. 

Quartz is one of the common minerals that could be found everywhere. Its formula is silicon dioxide or SiO. Pieces of quartz in nature may have different shape and color. Usually it is colorless or white but it may have great variety of colors.

Quartz is tough and inert mineral and has hardness of 7 on the Mohs Scale (A scale of 1 to 10 to compare and order minerals by their main quality – hardness. Based on this characteristics we use it properly as abrasives and polishers). It could be found mostly in light-colored rocks or sandstones

How long will the batteries last with regular (twice weekly) usage?

The batteries should last around 2-3 months as the usage time per application will generally be quite short – 3 to 4 applications of 2-3 seconds each per area.

How long will the rotating head last?

The rotating head should remain abrasive for approximately 3-6 months depending on usage and cleaning. It can then be easily replaced.

Smooth silky feet have never been easier.


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