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Fashion Shoe Syndrome

What is Fashion Shoe Syndrome (FSS)?

  • A painful reality for thousands of women who have at least different pair of footwear for different occasions.
  • FSS sufferers are vulnerable to seduction by the wide variety of shoes in the market, particularly sky-high, spike-heeled shoes, which can lead to impulsive decisions and result in totally impractical purchases.


How Fashion Shoe Syndrome is affecting you:

Your Confidence is Affected

  • After several hours walking around in town or office, only then the searing agony of FSS takes hold.
  • Often reduced to wander the office barefoot or donning a pair of slippers that clash horribly with tailored pencil skirts.
  • That awkward feeling and walking posture you have, when you try to hide your and minimize your pain in the public, which attracts more attention to you, for all the wrong reasons.

 Your Hard earned Money is Wasted

  • You tend to throw away the shoes if they costs you pain. But what if it is a pair of designer shoes that costs you a leg and an arm? You tend to keep them away in your shoe rack, never to be seen again.

 Your health is in jeopardy

  • Your other muscle over compensates, forcing them to absorb more impact and weakening the muscles and more prone to injury
  • When you finally acknowledge the damage, it is too late, damages have already been done to your knees, hips and spine that may affect you for the rest of your life

Blister problem for ladies wearing high heels

How can Our Tip Toes Series Help you?

  • it’s simply wrong to ask women everywhere to compromise their style, so experts at Carnation Footcare have devised a solution for FSS sufferers. 

Carnation Tip Toes series are designed to

  • Prevent high-heels rubbing, slipping and causing you pain.
  • Allowing you to wear the most fashionable and elegant footwear all day long – throughout staff briefings, lunch meetings and the trek to and from work, as well as a night out in town and parties.

Benefits of using Tip Toes Series

  • Easy to fit  and stays firmly in place - Stick and forget, no time is wasted, especially when you are rushing out for an appointment or for work
  • Lightweight , smooth to the touch and causes no skin irritation - You won’t even remember they are there in the first place
  • Your hard earned money is saved - No more hiding those uncomfortable but oh so expensive shoes in the hidden depths of your shoe rack
  • Lifetime of injuries are prevented -  Optimum comfort and cushioning means damages to your feet are prevented
  • You get to be your best self – Show off the sexy, stylish confidence that you always have in every step you take