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Cracked Heels

What are Cracked Heels

  • - Cracked heels are THE most common foot problem.
  • - Often referred to as fissures.
  • - For most people, cracked heels are a cosmetic problem, however,
  • - When the fissures or cracks are deep, they are painful to stand on and the skin may bleed, which can become infected in severe cases.


Cracked Heels


5 common causes that can cause Crack Heels:

  • - Wearing thin-soled shoes
  • - Prolong standing, particularly on hard floors
  • - Overweight (Causes more pressure on the heels due to the body weight)
  • - Constantly wearing shoes that are open-backed (Skin is easier to expand)
  • - Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema (Dry skin causes skin to crack easily


Complications of Cracked Heels

  • - Discolorations can occur due to the thick skins.
  • - Yellow or dark brown skin will instead appear around the border of your heels.
  • - Unsightly when paired with your favorite footwear
  • - If left untreated, cracked heels can cause bleeding
  • - Can lead to an infection.
  • - For those suffering from chronic ailments such as diabetes this can be dangerous.
  • - It hurts when walking due to the thick skin around the heels
  • - Prevention is the key!