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What are Blisters?

  • - A collection of fluid found between the outer and inner layers of the skin.
  • - Fluid is a result of leakage from blood vessels beneath the skin after minor damage.
  • - Blister is our body’s natural protection to the damaged tissue




Caused by:

  • - Friction from repetitive shear forces
  • - Quite often the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes or improper footwear
  • - Can also appear as a result of infections, burns, skin diseases and insect bites.


How blisters affects you

  • Disruption of daily life activities due to pain, not to mention activities such as dancing and running
  • - Can lead to serious complications such as ulceration and infection
  • - Takes several days to heal and may be aggravated again easily during the process


Blister problem for ladies wearing high heels