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Anti Blister Stick


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Quick overview

  • Instantly stops shoes rubbing
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Non greasy, invisible, long lasting (Ranging form 4 to 5 hours)
  • Leaves a long lasting invisible nongreasy layer.
  • Usable for over 100 applications
  • Option to Tip Toes Series Invisible Gel
    Heel Shields’ (For anti blisters effect)

Customer Testimonial


Mitsueki, Lifestyle Blogger ()

"Now this is my holy grail when it comes to breaking in my new shoes!"

Believe it or not but it was my first time using an Anti-Blister Stick! I had always dismissed the idea of using it previously as I didn’t believe it would work – until I tried it out myself!

It is very easy to use, just apply it all over the blister prone areas of your feet especially the side and back of your feet as this will also prevent your feet from chafing against the shoe! The stick is also pretty small so it makes it convenient to carry around in your bag.

I could really feel the difference when I easily slipped my feet into my shoes later on. If you don’t believe me, go try it!


What exactly are blisters?

  • Blisters are:
    ▪ A collection of fluid found between the outer and inner layers of the skin.
    ▪ Fluid is a result of leakage from blood vessels beneath the skin after minor damage.
    ▪ Blister is our body’s natural protection to the damaged tissue
  • Caused by:
    ▪ Friction from repetitive shear forces
    ▪ Quite often the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes or improper footwear
    ▪ Can also appear as a result of infections, burns, skin diseases and insect bites.
  • How blisters affects you
    ▪ Disruption of daily life activities due to pain, not to mention activities such as dancing and running
    ▪ Can lead to serious complications such as ulceration and infection
    ▪ Takes several days to heal and may be aggravated again easily during the process
  • Why and how Anti – Blister Stick can help you
    ▪ Low cost to prevent serious complications and inconvenience
    ▪ Easy to use and apply means you can use it even when you are pressed for time.
    ▪ Replace plasters that looks ugly and can fall off any time
    ▪ Creates a coating that can last you hours to prevent blisters from happening

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