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About Us

About Okeanos Trading Company

We are the Exclusive Distributor of Carnation Footcare Products in Singapore and Malaysia

Carnation Footcare was first exclusively brought into Singapore and Malaysia in 1983 to offer consumers more different choices in footcare products.For the past few years years since 2014, Carnation Footcare has grown exponentially in both Singapore and Malaysia, increasing their sales of their products and introduced 25 products into the market. 

About Carnation Footcare 

Carnation Footcare is one of the Cuxson Gerrard’s best known brands in the United Kingdom.

A trusted footcare brand of United Kingdom’s feet for over 90 years since 1922. Boasting a 58 SKUs/Products, it is currently being distributed and sold in over 40 countries worldwide and has a solution to almost any foot problem.A trusted footcare brand of United Kingdom’s feet for over 85 years and is requested in over 40 countries worldwide, including UK, USA and even South Africa and Iran.

The Carnation Footcare range includes licensed medicated products, medical devices, cosmetics and general comfort products.

Current Product line

  • Footcare Medicated Products – Solve annoying pain and discomfort on your feet
  • Footcare Solutions – Say goodbye to dry and ugly feet and prevent complicated medical conditions at the same time!
  • In Shoe Comfort – Everyday cushion support and comfort for your overworked feet
  • Protection and Comfort – The secret, simple to use foot care accessories and tools to ease and manage your discomfort and frustrations.
  • Tip Toes Series: Helping ladies beat Fashion Shoe Syndrome
  • Pads & Protection Series – Relieve pain and protect your feet with easy to use pads and foot protection accessories
  • Carnation Silver Socks - Offers relief for sufferers of Diabetes, Chilblains, Epidermolysis , Bullosa and Circulation disorders

About The Owner, Styles Chong Bin Fa 


Tell us about Yourself

Hi, My name is Styles, the only person that United Kingdom trust to market, promote and distribute their homegrown brand, Carnation Footcare in Singapore, Malaysia and the rest of South East Asia in the future.

Why You and Why did you want to focus on Footcare?

I realized that people only know how to chase after our goals in life but not taking care of their feet and thus destroying their relationship and lifestyle. This is especially true for those in the sales and marketing line. Without taking care of the feet, they will get painful, sore and you will get tired, making them feel irritated by others easily and thus ruining the relationship with their friends and their family.


What struggles did you have to face during the past few years taking over the family business?

I am more of a marketer and have always wanted to run my own marketing company. Also, I was offered a pay rise to 4k a month before I left my previous job. It was hard for me to leave it all behind. While it has been a hard and tedious journey this past few years, learning everything from the start, ultimately I know I am impacting and making a difference with more people’s life with what I am doing right now.

How do you feel when you were notified that you have won the 2020 (and now 2021) award for Best Footcare Product Distributor in South East Asia Of the Year by SEAsia Business Awards hosted by APAC Insider?

When I first saw it, I really thought it was a joke. Just a few years ago I was still struggling to keep the business afloat.But once I found out that it was real, I was ecstatic, my team and miy sacrifices have been worth it. I still feel emotional when I think about it now, It is one of the best things that has ever happened to us as a team. It’s wonderful to receive not just recognition, but public recognition for something we have done and in this case, something that we ook a risk to do. It proves that running a business does not have to be cutthroat, and understanding what your clients and consumer wants is more important than "winning"

Read more about it here: 2020 SEAsia Business Award Article

Advertisement, Press & Collaboration

For all collaborations and press related inquiries, please feel free to email for a discussion. We would love to see how we can help each other out.