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Advanced Pressure Relief System Insole


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Quick overview

  • APR System products use technologically advanced materials (PORON) extensively tested and used in professional chiropody
  • Designed to reduce shock, pressure and fatigue, aches and pain in the feet, leg and back
  • Absorb shocks as the foot strikes the ground and evenly distributes energy generated across the total area thereby reducing fatigue, aches and pains.
  • Rebounds to original thickness in a fraction of a second
  • Will not compress, harden or break up, unlike other material.
  • Allows moisture to move away from skin leaving the feet feeling cooler
  • Dual protection antimicrobial agent combats the fungi that cause athlete’s foot and destroys the bacteria that cause foot odour.
  • Heel Pad can be used together with insole for more cushion
  • One size fits all - cut to size

Customer Testimonial


Mitsukei, Lifestyle Blogger (

"Don’t doubt these thin strips of insoles; They can really help alleviate foot pain or prevent sore feet!"

To me, traveling means visiting new places and indulging in good food! In order to offset the calories from all the indulgence; I tend to walk more and cover places to visit on foot! However, my feet tend to get sore and super achy after an entire day of walking and it really is exhausting at the end of the day! 

I originally didn’t have any insoles nor heel pads and my feet were super sore at the end of the day during my Japan Trip earlier this year. I have to say that insoles from a trusted professional foot care brand brings comfort on a whole different level! , I’m giving the combination of the APR insoles and heel pads a THUMBS up because I seriously didn’t suffer from sore feet at all! 

Impressed and satisfied?

Yes I was!

Advanced Pressure Relief - Features and Benefits

Pressure Distribution

Advanced Pressure Relief distributes pressure evenly and can help relieve pressure points along the body which may be a cause of aches and pains, callouses or blisters.

Why Advanced Pressure Relief Insoles?

  • Stock Insoles in the shoes we buy are typically inexpensive fillers.

  • Aftermarket insoles such as Advanced Pressure Relief Insoles can better tailor your footwear's fit, support and comfort to your feet.


Advanced Pressure Relief Insoles are best for:

  • For normal day to day office lifestyle and wants to prevent foot fatigue and foot odour
  • Best fit for leather, canvas and other casual shoes
  • Normal amount of walking/standing, no carrying of heavy items that will cause additional shock or pressure to your feet


Comfort Insoles (Cushion Comfort Insoles, Super Deo Insoles, Advanced Pressure Relief Range) are for: 

  • People who experience foot pain and tired feet from standing or walking on hard surfaces for extended periods
  • Can be flat or shaped and feature gel or foam in their construction.


The insoles shown are so thin, aren't thicker insoles better?

  • Insoles can change footwear volume, which is the internal space of the shoes.
  • Most of the time, the shoes you purchase are already fitted to the size of your feet, therefore, thicker insoles are not recommended. 
  • However, high-volume insoles may best suit high-volume shoes such as hiking boots, ski boots or running shoes.
  • Low-volume insoles are needed for low-volume shoes such as a casual or cycling shoes, in-line skate boots or ski skate boots.
  • (Note: The thickness of your socks will also have a big influence on footwear fit.

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