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Gel Toe Separator


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Quick overview

  • Designed to help overlapping toes
  • Provides long lasting pressure relief between the toes, protecting sore toes from rubbing
  • Made from advanced polymer gel
  • The soft flexible gel conforms between the toes whilst the mineral oil moisturizes and helps soften the skin
  • Washable for repeated use

Customer Testimonial


Mitsukei, Lifestyle Blogger (

"I did not need to use any plasters at all! No longer a plaster feet girl!"

Two of my toes overlaps slightly and they tend to rub against each other. Blisters will appear between them sometimes -  trust me, it HURTS like mad!

Though the feeling of them between your toes will need some time to get accustomed, It’s quite comfy and it did prevent blisters from happening!


Are your toes pressed together or cross each other?

  • Do they cause you irritation and made walking difficult? That is overlapping toes.
  • A condition where one toe lies on top of an adjacent toe, causing discomfort and pain
Where does it usually happen? 
  • Usually happens at the 4th and 5th of the feet
  • Can also happen between the big toe and the second toe
Causes of overlapping toes
  • Can be genetic but commonly due to footwear with constricting toe box
  • Bunions (as shown in lower right hand picture)
  • Ill fitting shoes are the most common cause.
  • Very pointed shoes with empty space in front causes the toes to “adapt” to the shape. Much akin to the initial stages of foot binding
Complications of overlapping toes
  • Extreme pain and difficulty in walking
  • Corns and Callouses on your toes, especially areas in between them

How Can Toe Spreader Help You?

Toe Seperator helps to:
  • Helps realigning your smaller toes to reduce pressure and prevent surgery
  • Prevents rubbing and abrasion as well as corns and calluses between toes

It benefits you because...

  • Much less expensive, convenient and pain free compared to surgery
  • Moistures the skin at the same time so you don’t have to worry about dry and itchy skin
  • Fits comfortably in your socks and shoe to provide all day relief.
  • You can wear them during sports or  just walking around in town and in the office. You can even wear them bare footed!
  • You won’t even realize that they are between your toes due to the smooth to touch material.
  • Washable and reusable so it lasts longer than other standard padding and does not smell

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