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Hard Skin / Calluses

What is Hard Skin / Calluses?

  • Protective layers of compacted, dead skin cells or patches of skin that thicken, especially in bony areas, to protect the skin from damage or injury.
  • They will not endanger your feet unless you have circulation problems of some kind, or unless they grow in an abnormal manner.
  • However, your feet don't need thick, ugly calluses to function. They already have padding in the heel and the ball of the foot to support them.


Caused by

  • Constant friction and pressure on one part of the foot from hard impacts or scraping across the ground.(usually the heel or the ball of the foot under the metatarsal heads)
  • Insufficient support from your shoes,
  • Your feet don't support your body's weight correctly,
  • Wearing of high-heeled shoes.


 Hard Skin and Calluses


If you suspect a callus is developing, look for symptoms such as:

  • - Thickening of skin, especially over a bony spot that doesn’t have distinct borders, but may be oval in shape
  • - Discoloration of thickened skin; could be red, brown, or yellow-gray
  • - May burn or throb


Why should you take care of Hard Skin / Calluses?

When calluses first begin to develop they are not painful.

  • - But when it gets too thick, it can make it difficult to walk, stand, or even wear shoes.
  • - Extremely painful when you wear any foot wear, gets a whole lot worse when you walk.
  • - It is a more serious problem for people with diabetes.
  • - Unintentionally change your posture to avoid pain, which often puts stress somewhere else, leading to other unrelated pain


Aside from pain, it can lead to more serious conditions such as:

  • - Tenderness around area of callus
  • - Pus or fluid draining from callus
  • - Swelling
  • - Fever

We recommend using our Exfoliating Foot Scrub to prevent your hard skin from becoming thicker and becoming Calluses.


What you should not do to your Calluses

  • Do not cut the calluses off your feet, you may accidentally cut too deep and injure yourself or risk bacterial infection. Even toenail clippers can injure your foot.