Marriage is like a pair of shoes

Today's blog post is contributed by Miss Ivy Chen, owner of Solo Per Te Hand Made Shoes


This is a very old topic.

Marriage has been always compared to wearing a new and different pair of shoes.

You enter into a new stage in your life and a part of your maturity. Like marriage, as you grow out of your worn-out old pair of shoes, you will need a new one to fit them in perfectly.

I always think my parents’ generation is pretty solid.  Strange, but stable.

Why strange? Well, most of us believe that the basis of marriage is about LOVE, but my parents were not married because of that.


They did not even get to meet each other UNTIL their wedding day!


In their days, marriages were arranged by parents and matchmakers. The couple does not have that opportunity to know each other until their wedding day.


Crazy, I know. And I don't know if you noticed....


These marriages are solid and they last longer than marriages based on love.


In today’s society where marriage is concerned, couples fall in love at first sight, sing that happy song, then make promises to each other multiple times that their love will stand the test of time.

Sad to say that you rarely find such couples stay long with each other. Most of these marriages end up in separation or divorce; say their good-byes and that, sadly,  is the end of their love story.


If you realized, what I have mentioned above reflects our habit of purchasing and wearing a pair of shoes back then, and now.


In the old days, shoes were made of cotton, no specific sizes, but a one-size fits all.

It was ALWAYS a bit uncomfortable to wear it then for the first time, but in time the feet will grow accustomed to it and the material of the shoes would change according to the size of the wearer’s feet.

People love their shoes as they are very comfortable, to a point when even if they make a new pair of shoes, they would still keep the old one. Most of the time, they will continue to wear the old shoes again and again, even when there are holes, they would get them patched up. 


Just like how my parents did. 


They work out their differences, grow accustomed to each other's weird quirks. They make mistakes, but they work through it to make it work.  Instead of throwing the relationship away, they keep it together because they have made so many great memories together.

They work to be someone their spouse can depend on. They want to keep each other even when they are too worn out to be of much use, they would still want to walk through good memories in their hearts- together.


In the present day however... everything is standard-made and through shoe factories.


You can choose the size that fits your feet. Shoes nowadays are made of leather, PVC, plastic, etc. and these materials are difficult to replace or repair.

Besides, the shoes today have lots of styles and designs to choose from. We seem to forget how to adjust our feet to our shoes and the materials of the shoes make it impossible to make those adjustments as well, there is no room for compromising because there are a lot of shoe choices. We can blame it on the shoes as there are just too many choices today.


Just like how many prefer to end their marriage and blame their ex-partner, and proceed to search for the "Perfect fit in life"


Yet, both the shoes and feet are two conflicting elements. 

Getting these two to suit each other, you will have to change your shoes or cut your feet to the size of your shoes (which is impossible of course!).

Therefore, it is either you go barefoot, spend a lot of time searching for THAT perfect pair of shoes...




You can always customize your shoes. 

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See you soon!

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Ivy Chen, Owner of Solo Per Te    

Ivy Chen is the owner of Solo Per Te, 

In the world of business being dominated by men, Ivy considers herself to be the thorn among the roses, and she is proud of it.

She stands on her own and know what she wants, but can be lady-like at the same time.

Her aim is to educate and provide the best custom hand made shoes for the ladies so they can be confident and beautiful as they walk down the corridors in the office or the streets of Orchard Road.



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