Whether it’s playing in the water, riding bikes/skateboards, or simply sun tanning at the beach, it is always to get some sun and vitamin D.

However, while Singapore’s temperature getting higher and higher and the heat getting unbearable, most people pay more attention to the rest of their body and often forgot about the importance of protecting our feet.

Here are six tips you can follow:


1. Use sun tan lotion

You may not notice this, but when you go to the beach or the pool, you probably only put sun tan lotion on our arms, back, face, and neck and your legs.

However, you need to remember to apply sunscreen to your feet as well.

Your back and your arms may expose to the sun more, but the top of our feet are still vulnerable to sunburn.

2. Drink plenty of water

This is a must in beating the heat in singapore.

Staying hydrated is important for our heart’s health and our body’s ability to function, especially when the heat increases the rate of dehydration.

If you don’t drink enough water, our feet are more likely to swell and be discomforted caused by the heat


3. Choose the right footwear

If you’re out and about constantly, do remember to wear shoes that you are comfortable walking in.

They should be breathable and support your feet well. You should not wear flip flops or sandals unless you are going near the water.

While most singaporeans love this type of footwear as it is very comfortable and relaxing, it is does not support your feet well and you are more prone to foot fatigue as well as blisters.


4. Keep our feet free of sweat

Sweaty feet can be problematic because they cause unpleasant odors and promote disease, such as athlete’s foot. A common solution is to wear breathable shoes, but those shoes are mostly unsuitable for work. What you can do is to wear socks that are not made of cotton or nylon, which causes sweat to accumulate. Wear socks that are made of wool, silk, and other synthetic materials can help protect our feet from sweat.


5. Watch out for blisters

The second most common feet problem are blisters, wearing the wrong shoes, heels or the wrong socks can irritate the skin of our feet and lead to painful blisters.

If you follow the advice above, you should be able to prevent a blisters from happening.

If you feel a spot on your foot getting irritated and reddish, go grab a plaster or a bandage to prevent your footwear from further irritating your feet and form a blister.

Do you suffer from feet issues? Contact us at inquiry@okeanostrading.com so we can recommend the best cause of action and help you to keep your feet healthy.